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Gone but Not Forgotten

These horses will always be part of our family but have either gone to horsey heaven or have been retired. 

Sadie was our old faithful and most dependable horse we could ever ask for.  Whether she was asked to be ridden by our youngest riders or was asked to drag a dummy on set she did her job and did it well.  We had Sadie, 29 years old, for almost 16 years before she went to horsey heaven. Thank you Sadie for always giving it your all and taking care of every person who came into contact with you.  We miss you everyday.

We had Sparky for 15 years and was over 30 years old before he went to horsey heaven. We will miss him.

Chika was with us for 9 years, our beautiful paint went to horsey heaven to go run in the pastures with Tug.           

Ranger is a marshmallow at heart!! He retired at the age of 26. He is now in a pasture with three blind mares.


His new roommates and one of the pastures at the retirement home.

Tug was Miss Jenna's first show horse and then her first lesson horse. She had him for almost 18 years, at the age of 42, it was Tug's time to go to horsey heaven. Thank you Tug for your love and everything you did for us!        


Noble was the best little steed we could ever ask for.  He lived out his life with us since he was 2 years old.  He did everything we asked of him (we are sure with an eye roll) but he did it happily.  We will miss our Noble Steed as he crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of 23.

Edited Image 2016-01-20 19-12-09

Zephyr was our baby no matter how big or old she got.  Her silly personality made her stand out from the herd.  She was called to early to cross the rainbow bridge but we take comfort in knowing that she is causing mischief with the rest of our her herd in the big blue sky.

Happy Trails Spring. We will miss seeing your smile!

Candy will be missed by all of the children who started riding on her.

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