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Birthday Parties

We Provide Customized Birthday Parties at our Ranch

Horseback Riding, Santa Clarita
Panning for Gold, Santa Clarita
Horseback Riding Party, Santa Clarita
Starting Price $475 for Package 1 Includes:


  • Horseback Riding

    • 3 Horses are Provided

    • Each Rider will Receive at least 2 Laps Around the Arena.

    • Maximum of Time Spent on Riding is 1 Hour.

  • Cow Ring Toss and Pig Bean Bag Toss

    • 1 Hour

  • Hot Potato

  • Panning for Gold

    • 1 Hour

  • Party Saloon

  • Designated Party Area


Max Amount of Guests is 20*

Package 2 $600 Includes:

Everything in Package 1 with an increase in guest count.

Max Amount of Guests is 40*

Tentative Party Schedule for Package 1 and 2

Hour 1:  Guests Arrive and Eat **

Hour 2:  Horseback Riding, Cow/Pig Toss and Panning for Gold

Hour 3:  Hot Potato, Cake and Ice Cream**, if any extra activities, gifts

*Any guest over the max amount is $10 per person (children & adults) up to an ultimate max guest count of 60.

**You provide food and drinks

***May print invitations and thank you cards below.

No Substitutions

No Pets Allowed

Please Call Us For Larger Packages

Additional charges for larger guest count over the 60 may include the following but not limited to:

-Extra Portable Restroom $150

-Parking Attendant $100

Extra Activity Options


$40 for any additional activity listed below:

  • Potato Sack Race

  • Wooden Stick Horse Obstacle Race

$100 for the additional activity listed below:

  • Painting a Real Horse

    • White horse is currently unavailable

  • Nerf Gun Shooting Gallery (1 hour)

  • Horseback Riding Relay Race

  • Fish off our Bridge (1 hour)

    • Activity comes with 24 take home fish

    • Additional 12 fish beyond the 24 is an extra $30

Add-On Options  (Temporarily Unavailable)

  • $50 for the use of the BBQ which includes propane.

  • $100 Watering Hole which includes 1 drink cooler of water, 1 drink cooler of lemonade, 1 drink cooler of iced tea and cups.  Refills when needed.  (Lemonade and Iced Tea contain sugar)


Special Requests may be accommodated, additional charges will apply.  


Click On Saloon to View Slideshow

Outside food is welcomed.  No alcohol is allowed on the premises.

Preferred Food Vendor

Local Face Painter and Balloon Artist:

  • Face Painting by Maria (Can book Balloon Artist too)

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

$150 Non-Refundable Booking Calendar Fee Required.  Booking Calendars are below.

To visit our facility please call for an appointment.


For More Information,

Please Contact Us Anytime!




Invitation (Click to Sample)








Thank You Card (Click to Sample)









Payment Options

We require a $150 Non-Refundable Booking Calendar Fee.  The remaining balance is due the day of the party.  We accept cash, checks, credit cards and PayPal.  You will be able to choose your date/time and pay the booking calendar fee below.   Call for availability if you do not see your date available on the calendar.

Package 1 Booking Calendar

Package 2 Booking Calendar

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